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A Horse of a Different Color

Previously, my work has largely been in shades of blues and purples. Not exclusively, by any means, but significantly. This piece is in a color I have rarely used on it’s own: White.

This is my newest piece. The photo isn’t the best. That is something I’m going to work on in the new year: good photographs of my paintings. Anyway, this piece came from a rediscovered song. It danced in my head for several days before it became this. Overall, I’m rather pleased.

Acrylic on Canvas with Bottle Caps. 24"X36"

Acrylic on Canvas with Bottle Caps. 24″X36″


Project update

Haven’t posted in a while. Several projects where in the works. Finished a new painting tonight. Will varnish it tomorrow & hopefully get a decent photo to post. The others are still top secret, but I’m proud of my work.

mad mad world

Things have been really busy. I worked on the tv show Leverage for several months, which was great. I’ve got paintings hanging at a cafe (Cafe Au Play on SE Division in Portland) for the month of November. I’m working on a super secret project. But “I keep rolling on.”

The White Tower

They’re Playing Our Song

I’ve always been a huge fan of music. A song will get under my skin and I can’t stop listening to it over and over again. I can’t stop singing it as I’m doing other tasks. Occasionally, I’ll find myself so into a song that I just have to paint it.

I posted last month about a song by Gotye called “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I’ve finally completed the painting that it inspired.

Shadows of Somebody I Used to Know

24″X24″ Acrylic on Canvas with Adhesive.

Thanks Goyte for the inspiration.


I tried something new today. I say on the floor and colored like a child. It was fun. I always live doing that, but the experiment wasn’t the coloring. The experiment was that I did the entire thing left handed.

It was a challenge. And my brain felt different after I was done, as it always does when I try to do things left handed (which I actually do fairly often), but it was exhilarating as well. It’s not a master piece, but it was something new.


Script Frenzy Ends

Script Frenzy ends tomorrow. As of this moment I have 75 pages of the 100 pages required to “win.” There is only the smallest of chances that I will finish by midnight tomorrow, but I’m going to be plugging away at it until the fat lady sings. And whether I am an official “winner” or not, I’m going to finish this screenplay. I’m very proud of the idea that I came up with and the way that it has moved along, even with all the stumbling blocks along the way. I’ll finish this screenplay. Maybe not tomorrow, but very soon. And then the re-writes will begin.

In any case, I’m very grateful to and the Office of Letters and Light for keeping this event going. It helped me really start writing again. I’m especially grateful for that.


It’s so important to have things that make you happy. I really believe that. I’m not talking about the thrill of buying something, but of things that when you look at them they lift your spirits, remind you of something or someone special, inspire you with the beauty that can be all around you.

For my birthday, I received an original water color painting that I truly love based on my favorite novel, Persuasion by Jane Austen. Today I purchased the companion piece that the artist painted not long ago. Looking at the first painting inspires me. I know the second will do the same.

As an artist, as a writer, as a person, I can’t express enough how important those little pieces of joy can be or how much inspiration they can cause.

"You Pierce My Soul"

Thank you Elizabeth Monahan. Visit her etsy shop, Blue Sky Inking.