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mad mad world

Things have been really busy. I worked on the tv show Leverage for several months, which was great. I’ve got paintings hanging at a cafe (Cafe Au Play on SE Division in Portland) for the month of November. I’m working on a super secret project. But “I keep rolling on.”

The White Tower


Other Endeavors

So, I paint, but I’m also involved in numerous other artistic endeavors. My BFA is in Acting. I’ve self published a book of poetry. I sing. I direct and produce theatre. And I write screenplays.


I couple of years ago I wrote a short screenplay. I had a couple of people read it and a friend who also wrote screenplays thought it could be extended into a feature. We finished a draft on that.


Now, if you know anything at all about writing, the fact that a draft is finished is EXTREMELY difficult. Many people spend their whole lives working on one novel or one screenplay without ever finishing a draft. I’m very proud that we finished a draft, imperfect as it was. In any case, we worked on a second draft for quite a while before we both moved on to other things. We just could come to a consensus as to where the plot really needed to change to move it forward. C’est la vie.


Last year I signed up to participate in a month long event called Script Frenzy. It’s run by the same people who run NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), The Office of Letters and Light. I tried to write a new screenplay, but I was working an insane amount of hours trying to open a restaurant and just didn’t get it done. So, I’m going to try again. I have an idea percolating in my brain, different from last year’s idea. I really want to do this.


It’s going to be hard on me. I usually only write when the muse moves me. This deadline is going to be very hard. Not to mention that I’m working a lot this year too. In any case, April 1, my new journey begins. Wish my luck. Send me good vibes. Hold me in the Light. I’m certainly going to need it.


Script Frenzy

Movie Night

My friend just got the blue ray special edition of The Lord of the Rings. I love this series & am extremely excited about the Hobbit. This has nothing to do with my art. And everything.

Movies have always been my favorite things. They have made me happy on days when I don’t know what to do anymore.

What are your favorite movies?

New Year’s Thoughts

It’s just after 1am on the west coast. I spent New Year’s Eve eating Indian food and watching the movie Heathers and several episodes of Dr Who with some friends. Definitely not the worst way to end the year. I was also told I looked pretty several times this evening, which was nice as well.

I don’t make resolutions. Instead, each year I make a list of goals which I hope to accomplish. I know I won’t reach all of them, but I feel like this list has a good mix of things I KNOW I can achieve (#12- See at least 40 films that I’ve never seen before) and things I’ll have to work hard to do (#2- Sell at least 10 paintings). Then there are the things that seem easy when written on paper (#10- Go out on at least 10 dates and #6- Secure a job I enjoy) but are really harder than they sound.

I just added a final goal for the list before I print out a copy to hang next to the mirror in my bathroom. #32- Write in my blog at least 5 times a month. As this was my first year with a blog, I feel I’ve done fairly well. But I also know I could do much better. I’m proud of the work that I do and this is my space to talk about that work. I have scheduled 3 blogs a week on my calendar. I will definitely strive for that. But I also know that there will be times when real life will get in the way. 5 blogs a month is more than I did some months in 2011 and less than I did others.

Wish me luck, and I send good wishes to you.

Happy New Year

A Little Show

Three of my paintings will be available for viewing and sale tomorrow, Sunday, December 11, 2011 at Multnomah Monthly Meeting Holiday Fair in Portland. The Art & Craft Fair will be from Noon to 3pm. There will be lots of local Portland artists and crafters from within the Meeting.

The three paintings available are

Portland Nights

The Mean Reds

The Means Reds

Darning A Life