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Script Frenzy Ends

Script Frenzy ends tomorrow. As of this moment I have 75 pages of the 100 pages required to “win.” There is only the smallest of chances that I will finish by midnight tomorrow, but I’m going to be plugging away at it until the fat lady sings. And whether I am an official “winner” or not, I’m going to finish this screenplay. I’m very proud of the idea that I came up with and the way that it has moved along, even with all the stumbling blocks along the way. I’ll finish this screenplay. Maybe not tomorrow, but very soon. And then the re-writes will begin.

In any case, I’m very grateful to¬† and the Office of Letters and Light for keeping this event going. It helped me really start writing again. I’m especially grateful for that.


The Ease of Procrastination

I should be writing. In fact, I am writing, but I should be writing my screenplay rather than this blog post. Day of 4 of Script Frenzy and though I know the story I’m telling backwards and forwards, and though it is a story I want to tell, I’m still procrastinating. Some writers say it is part of the process. I think that it’s just something that I do.

There are times when I really enjoy the process of writing, when I feel totally inspired and the words just flow out of me. This is not one of those times. At least not at this exact moment. I know that it can change by the minute & the more I sit in front of my computer, the more likely it is to happen. So I sit, and eekk out a page or two at a time and hope for a jolt from my muse.

One of my friends says his muse isn’t a lovely goddess-like creature as most of us think our muses are. His is a troll that lives under his desk who bites him on occasion. We had a lovely discussion the other night trying to name him. My muse seems more like a ghost to me, a spirit who is there one minute and gone the next. It is only when I am relaxed into myself that I can see her as a corporeal entity. That is when I write the best. That is when I paint the best. If I can just “be” for a moment, and then a moment more.

Other Endeavors

So, I paint, but I’m also involved in numerous other artistic endeavors. My BFA is in Acting. I’ve self published a book of poetry. I sing. I direct and produce theatre. And I write screenplays.


I couple of years ago I wrote a short screenplay. I had a couple of people read it and a friend who also wrote screenplays thought it could be extended into a feature. We finished a draft on that.


Now, if you know anything at all about writing, the fact that a draft is finished is EXTREMELY difficult. Many people spend their whole lives working on one novel or one screenplay without ever finishing a draft. I’m very proud that we finished a draft, imperfect as it was. In any case, we worked on a second draft for quite a while before we both moved on to other things. We just could come to a consensus as to where the plot really needed to change to move it forward. C’est la vie.


Last year I signed up to participate in a month long event called Script Frenzy. It’s run by the same people who run NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), The Office of Letters and Light. I tried to write a new screenplay, but I was working an insane amount of hours trying to open a restaurant and just didn’t get it done. So, I’m going to try again. I have an idea percolating in my brain, different from last year’s idea. I really want to do this.


It’s going to be hard on me. I usually only write when the muse moves me. This deadline is going to be very hard. Not to mention that I’m working a lot this year too. In any case, April 1, my new journey begins. Wish my luck. Send me good vibes. Hold me in the Light. I’m certainly going to need it.


Script Frenzy